Welcome to 🧑‍💻 is a scavenger hunt on the internet to test your web dev skills. It is inspired by previous implementations like the System Engineering Quiz by, or the infamous Cicada 3301. Although I make no promises whether this is as sophisticated. The game currently consists of 20 steps.

Follow each step to the next one until you reach the end. There will be hints, both obvious and subtle. Your toolbelt should include a browser, command line tools and a sharp mind among other things. Have fun and enjoy the puzzles, there is no time limit. Brute-forcing or guessing is not required, but you might need to do some research.

Complete and enter the hall of fame!

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I recommend using a desktop browser.

Please keep in mind: Don't share any spoilers. You can help others or ask myself, but let people find the solution on their own.

Okay let's start this easy. Find your way to the first step.